Friday, May 18, 2012

How To Enhance Your Relationship with Anyone
Improve Your Relationships

Many times, we wonder why our friends act the way they do. Over time, our relationships with friends can dwindle merely because we become too self-centered and pay less attention to them. Relationships need constant attention to stay in good shape. Here are a few ways to recharge your relationships with those around you:
1.     Practice forgiving
The best medicine ever for curing relationship problems is learning to forgive. If it is hard to forgive a person, remember that he is as vulnerable and insecure as you or any other person in the drama of life. If you forgive, it will do even more good for you than for the person you forgive. By relieving an unnecessary grudge, you release tension and free yourself up. (You'll also be able to sleep peacefully!)
2.     Make the other person feel important
People crave attention and unknowingly love it when others support their own opinions. The greatest way to reinforce relationships is by supporting the other person's long-held beliefs and opinions. Talk on the positive side of his or her profession or way of living, and be conscious enough not to let loose words that might jeopardize the firm beliefs of that person. Don't force your thoughts or opinions upon them.
3.     Use the mirror effect
The other person unconsciously reflects and does whatever you do. Automatically, he will do things the same way that you do. Be proactive and do things that you want your friend to do for you - like spoil him by taking him out for dinner at an Italian restaurant, give him a surprise by taking him for a movie of his favorite actor and other activities that show you are thinking of him. Chances are that he will mirror your actions and do the same for you.

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