Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Wisdom of Death

A few months ago one of my best friends passed away due to heart attack. It was very disheartening to me personally. Do we ever realize the true value of anything until it is gone forever? Not at all. This was the feeling I experienced when I lost him. I still feel that I might call him up one day and go out for a drink which we always do. Not possible anymore. He is gone forever. It is one of those rarest of moments when we sit and wonder - all that matters is that we, on the contrary, are still alive!
People are dying out there and I am still alive. One day, I would be gone forever as well. Life comes but once. This very consciousness makes us feel how lucky we are. Plane crashes, earthquakes, accidents – disasters are happening everywhere all the time. People are perishing young and old, the poorest and the millionaires, people we have never known to those who are celebrities.
People are disappearing from the face of earth - What are we going to do about it? Just go out and appreciate life! This is the least you can do.
You want a reason to be happy? The best reason is that you are still alive and functioning. This by itself is, though we don’t ever realize, momentous and, to more than an extent, endearing. Until the last few moments of our life and all along the way, we only fret and worry about things that didn’t happen or things we had missed out as a whole, in short, the sad and bad part of our life. We never comprehend the fact that we have come at least this far in life. We have achieved something – that is surviving until now through the rough and tumble of life.
Appreciate Life
What are you waiting for…? that special moment? That moment is now!
Go out and do things that you always love to do before we reach the end of the road and say it’s too late. Go to your favourite place, sit and enjoy that lovely sunset. Reward yourself for the feat you achieved lately or something that you accomplished that took a lot of effort. Dine out with your best friends and spoil yourself. Start something new – like writing a new book about your own experience of life or a particular interest that you are very good at. If you love exploring why don’t you go for a trekking to the nearest hill with all your camping gear?
All our life we are only half alive and never make the most of our life. What a waste! It is like, as if, God has given us a wonderful gift and we never happen to open the wrapper until the end. We forget that many of the best things in life are free – like enjoying a relaxing evening walk in the park devouring the lush greens and the birds’ chirping. Like going to the nearest library and reading our favourite author’s novel and a thousand and one other wonderful activities we could do without having to burn our pocket.
Start doing what you Love
Take a small bit of paper now. Write it down all that you ever wanted to do. Post it on your bathroom mirror. Have a look at it everyday or at least once a week. Make sure that everyday of your life, from now on, you move towards achieving them all however small a step you take everyday. Then see the difference. You will be amazed at how happier you are getting day by day.
When we were kids, can you recall that we only did what we always wanted to do? When we grow older, we are habitually transformed into responsible adults who do what we need to do. We start ignoring many of our wants – those activities we love to do and become who we are now. Just give yourself time and allocate your weekends to do things that you love to do the most.

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