Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Graboid - Download Full-length Movies & TV Shows for Free! - A New Legal Rival to P2P?

Missed the latest episodes of your favorite TV show "Heroes"? Wanna watch all the episodes of the classic "The Wonder Years"? Head to cyberspace! And.. everything is free!

It is as simple as that.

TV has long remained a one-way affair. Not anymore! You can watch what TV shows you want, when you want and playback them again and again! It sounds cool, indeed. The TV's evolution has accelerated in the recent years, and Internet is the way to go for the Idiot box. All for free!

It is amazing. But?

The most downloaded video files over the Internet are the movies. Movies, along with TV shows, music, games, software and documents, it is estimated that 90% of all Internet traffic is sucked up peer-to-peer (P2P) file transfers. The recent past witnessed the dawn of the Internet File Sharing era. More and more people are jumping into this P2P juggernaut and they all find downloading movies and TV shows over the Internet a breeze.

All right, but is it legal?

We all have heard about the copyright infringement lawsuits that companies like Napster and YouTube had to bear. Netizens increasingly want to know how to download everything legally over the Internet. Many of us might have visited the major TV Networks sites of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. They offer webisodes of their own TV shows for free on their own sites. But these shows are not available in all the areas of the globe.

Graboid Video – A new Legal platform for downloading Movies & TV shows? was launched in 2006 (Beta version), which promised downloads that are faster and legal. It indeed lived up to its promise; and above all it is free (4GB downloads/month).

This service easily differentiates itself from other P2P applications like Ares, BitComet in two major areas;

* First, is its blazing speed. Depending upon your Internet connection bandwidth, its speed goes up to 2,000 KBps. I have a 2MBps Internet bandwidth and I get download speeds of over 200 KBps!
* The other major advantage of Graboid over other P2P counterparts - you can stream the videos live. This application is meant to watch Movies and TV shows live by video streaming. If the connection is too slow you can't stream video.

But then, there is the option to download the video first and then watch it later. Now, eager movie and TV show enthusiasts from anywhere in the world can easily download them and watch without the menace of virus or other spywares.

Graboid is clean and devoid of any virus which is a far cry from other P2P applications that are ripe with viruses, Trojan horses and spywares. Graboid is legal because it doesn't violate any laws of any country and their site says that these files are posted by users not affiliated with Graboid, and do so as a way to show they admire these artists' works.

Graboid has recently released its full-fledged Graboid Video 1.02 (out of Beta) which has an even cool interface. Try this and you will absolutely love it. Currently it has more than 70,000 video files (both movies and TV shows) in its library and hundreds are being added everyday! People can download a total of 4 GB of DVD-quality movies or TV shows a month for free. However, HD content is exclusive for Premium members who are requested to pay a nominal amount every month.

I checked for "The Simpsons" on the Graboid and was surprised to find almost all the episodes in its library! Watching full episodes ranging from BBC's "Planet Earth" to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" it has been a cool adventure with Graboid. No wonder that Graboid has been selected as one of the killer start-ups of 2007. Download this application here -

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