Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Relationship blues? Learn the Relationship basics

Relationship Rules

Why, after years, or perhaps decades of friendship, do we end up getting let down by our close friends?

All over the world, people, especially women, get frustrated or disappointed by these occasional snubs from those around them. Is it their mistake or ours? What are relationship rules actually?

Questions like these are often intriguing to all of us and help us understand, to some extent, the reason for the high demand for Self-help books on relationship. It is interesting to note that, if these issues arise between different sexes the impact is felt even more!

The reason, they say is - it's all in the mind!

How true it is? It is our die-hard opinions and habitual thinking patterns that influence our behavior with others.

Nature or nurture?

We should not blame others for their snubs; we should blame their childhood instead.
Many facts say that most of our opinions, habits and character are formed in our childhood and influenced by those incidents happened at that time.

If your friend was always rude to you, then say to yourself that he had had some bitter experiences in his childhood. May be, his father was rude to him or he was constantly under pressure from a violent neighborhood. These and other things influence when you grow up, making their way into your day-to-day thinking and become permanently recorded in your mind and forms the blueprint of your character and behavior.

Are you puzzled why your best friend acted so strangely with you? Or have you forgotten the basics on how to get along well with your spouse?

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