Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jumping into Blogging – Full-fledged !

This wonderful world of blogging

Ever since my first memories began to appear, I was as curious a kid as a cat that amuses at everything that moves. I have always wanted to share my ideas with others and get theirs as well. From a simple tip to a complex technique, or just about painting our trivial thoughts on others' minds, we have always wanted to speak our minds. All the creations we see around are the results of this ubiquitous and omnipresent urge in all of us - the urge to share, the urge to create!

How many of you still remember your first Internet chat? Did it happen in the 1990s or after the millennium? Well, I still remember that first online chatting of mine with a woman from a faraway country, and the subsequent thrill I got from that experience. Phew! What a revelation! I felt, as if, suddenly, the whole world was shrunk to my fingertip and that I can access the whole world through my fingers typing a set of keys. The monitor became the magical looking glass, and, the very thought that you can keep in touch with souls living half the world away would have triggered your "feel good" hormones a bit.

That was it! - the beginning. From then on, we have come across infinite possibilities taking shape on the Internet. Blogging is one such thing that empowers you to publish your whole life as a book at your own comfort!

A journey, full of hits and misses, agonies and little pleasures, achievements and adventures, can begin to look great only after a while; not in the beginning always. It's only when we get our rhythm and strike poise that every endeavor becomes a breeze. We will realize, only in the end, how wonderful the journey has been. Whether we achieve big or small in the end, we will always be charmed by the surprise that it all began with just one small step!

We all get worthy or wonderful thoughts all the time, only to disappear in the blink of an eye. A blog can be a wonderful way of journalizing our thoughts. This is why blogging seems so easy for those few who have the habit of writing a diary every day. If you have the habit of writing a diary, then a blog is like a diary on steroids for you.

Let's blog... let's pour down the heavy thoughts... let's share... let's unite all earthlings!


Kay Elll Talkies said...

You are rite bro. blogging really change the way we view the world and it is one of the most powerful tool for now and the future.

sree said...

it's really coollll....n we can have our thoughts heard loud n clear!!!!